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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Very Short Hairstyles

Very Short Hairstyles Very Short Hairstyles 
Short hair is definitely not the most popular cuts but short hairstyles do have a lot of perks with the level of care needed and the variety of cute and flirty styles available. The problem with a shorter cut is that women feel a lack of safety because longer hair seems to provide a shield whereas shorter hair opens up the facial area more including any areas we are uncomfortable with. However, short hairstyles bring out a lot of features as well such as the nose, lips, eyes and other feminine features. The shorter hair is also easier to care for, as it is easy to keep the hair moisturized and kept clean from root to tips.
For women wanting to go with a shorter cut, there is definitely some planning to do to get the desired look. First should be the actually length which could be anywhere from a bob to a short crop like Natalie Portman wore at one time. The length could make a major difference, as certain faces are more complimentary to shorter hair with some length rather than very short crops. The second consideration should be softening features like a fringe or hair that's is tapered to the face. These extra features can help add a finish to the hairstyle as well as make it more complimentary to individual faces. The last consideration is to determine the texture, which can include spiky, smooth, pieced, and others. The texture can be vital to certain hairstyles as it gives the hair it's visual appeal aside from other factors.
The variety of short cuts allows women to switch up their appearance by just styling in different ways or changing up the texture. Many women who have decided against short cuts should try on different ways of styling before making up their mind. One short hairstyle might look terrible but another might look dazzling. Just by changing lengths, adding different texture, or combining softening features, a short hairstyle can become a beautiful look. The following are all great examples of short hairstyles that women should take a look at who want short hair or want to freshen up their look.
Short Crop
The short crop is definitely not a look that everyone is going to enjoy because it is not complimentary to a lot of face shapes and does nothing to soften facial features. The short crop does bring out facial features so women who have more feminine or soft features will look great with the shorter cut. A key to this short hairstyle is to add plenty of texture to give the hairstyle definition. Check out Natalie Portman's short crop to see how the hairstyle looks beautiful and how it brings out her soft facial features.
Short Bob
Bobs are probably one of the most favorable short hairstyles that women chose because the style provides plenty of great looks that are complimentary to many facial shapes. The bob offers a variety of looks just by changing the lengths or adding different curls or flip-ins or flip-outs. What the bob does best is facial framing, especially when the front of the hair is swept slightly over the face. Many celebrities can be found with medium to short length bobs.