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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Male Hair Growth Pattern

One of the most frequently asked questions about hair loss by men is will vitamin and herb treatments help me with my thinning hair?

Without question the answer is a resounding yes. The simple fact is all of your body’s processes require supplementation to maintain optimal performance. No more than you can do without water likewise you body can’t do without the proper nutrients to prevent pattern hair loss and thinning hair. All functions within the body whether it be skin cell renewal, hair growth, or vision require your body to maintain a certain level of health.
The second most asked question is, “If vitamins and herb supplements will help me with my male and female hair loss problems why can’t I just obtain them with the foods I eat?”
Well in theory you can but knowing just what foods to consume to lower DHT and create hair growth is another thing. In reality most people couldn’t name five vitamins necessary for hair growth anymore than they could name five of the “natural wonders of the world.” Plus if you could name a few of these vitamins, critical to hair growth, could you name the foods that contain them. If you make it this far you would then need to decide what quantities are needed to provide maximum benefits for the hair follicle. As many people soon learn they’re no more familiar what is needed to maintain the nutritional health of their hair, skin, or nails than their doctor’s are. The plain fact is most doctors are trained in dealing with disease not male pattern baldness and hair loss.